Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is

A: is a website devoted to connecting the sellers of very gently used monogrammed or personalized children’s clothing and accessories with buyers searching for such items with matching names or initials. We also connect buyers and sellers of new and gently used sorority and college apparel and accessories.  Our website is also an outlet to buy and sell these brand new items that have been overstocked or used as samples. Made to order merchandise can also be bought and sold on our website. Our user friendly format makes connecting buyers to the corresponding sellers easier than ever before.

Q: What types of items can be listed and sold on

A: Any baby’s or children’s items personalized with a name or initials can be purchased and sold on Any item bearing the name of a sorority or college can be sold on our site as well.  This includes but is not limited to clothing, step stools, dishware, hanging wall letters, swaddles, jerseys, diaper bags, furniture, bloomers, burp cloths, piggy banks, blankets, towels, backpacks, lunch boxes, jewelry, pillows, etc… Made to order merchandise can also be sold on our site.

Q: Why should I sell an item my child has outgrown that has sentimental value?

A: The apparel and accessories you provide for your child have sentimental value; especially those adorned with names or initials. In many instances these items are in excellent condition as they have only been used on special occasions such as holidays or for portraits, and have been given special care. Sadly, once outgrown, they often cannot be passed on to loved ones, dear friends or deserving charities due to their personalized nature. Before, the only options were to hide these precious items away never to be enjoyed again or post to a social network site not adequately designed to connect buyers to sellers. It is now our pleasure to connect you with eager buyers whose children share your child’s unique name or initials. Lolly Daisy provides an avenue for buyers and sellers to connect, with the ability for buyers to search for their desired monogrammed clothing and accessories by name/initials, size, color etc., and sign up to be notified via email when their request becomes available. You not only get a monetary return on your investment, but the knowledge that these items so treasured by the children you love will be cherished once again.

Q: Why should I sell my item on as opposed to one of the other auction sites?

A: Lolly Daisy has invested in a multi-level marketing campaign to target eager buyers looking specifically for monogrammed and personalized merchandise, as well as items bearing a sorority or college name, connecting you directly to your desired consumer. Our targeted platform ensures that your listing will not get lost amongst an overwhelming array of unrelated items. Unlike other sites, we make it easy for buyers to find your listing by offering the unique function to search by name and initials, and college or sorority name. We also send emails to registered users to notify them when you post an item that matches the name and initials they seek or the college or sorority name they have requested. Your listing may also show up in “suggested items” when a potential buyer performs a search.

Q: Why should I buy my children’s clothing and accessories on

A: Your children are your most prized possessions. It is our desire as parents to provide them with the finest clothing and accessories to compliment the inner beauty they possess. Monogrammed apparel and accessories highlight a child’s individuality and help parents celebrate the precious name they so carefully chose for their kids. Sadly, the fine quality and workmanship of these personalized items comes with a hefty pricetag. gives you access to these high end items at a discount. Our sellers are parents who have given special care to the apparel and accessories they are selling. In many cases, the items they list have never been used or worn, or have only been used on special occasions such as on holidays or for portraits. We also connect you to sellers with brand new personalized merchandise that was overstocked or used as a floor sample at lower prices, and sellers of made to order merchandise. connects you with a vast array of discounted personalized items that match the name or initials you desire…and with incredible ease.

Q: Is a good place to find gifts for babies and children?

A: Yes. Our sellers have given special care to the items they post on In many cases, the apparel and accessories they list have never been used or worn, or have only been used on special occasions such as on holidays or for portraits. If you desire new merchandise, we connect you to sellers placing a discount on overstocked items or floor samples, and sellers of made to order merchandise. Just type in the name or initials along with other specific information you desire and you will see an array of high quality items at discounted prices.

Q:  Why should I buy items bearing a college or sorority name on

A:  Items bearing a college or sorority name are often costly. offers you access to these highly sought after items at prices that are far more affordable.  With our search and match feature you can even get access to these items brand new that were used as samples or overstocks at huge discounts.

Q: How do I sell an item on

A: If you have a gently used item that is persoalized or bears a sorority or college name that you would like to sell on, we ask that it be in excellent condition. New or never before used items can be indicated as such. Click on “Sell” in the upper left hand corner to register an account with  You will be asked for your Paypal username so that when a sale is made the payment will be directly deposited into your Paypal account.  After registering your account you may begin uploading items right away.  Click on "Add Listing" to fill out a short form with details on your item.  You may include up to 6 photographs.  You will be prompted to enter the sales price of the item separately from the shipping price. You may choose free shiping, flat rate shipping (choose your own shipping price) or you can choose the option to use our shipping calculator to obtain an estimated shipping cost on your item. To make changes to your listing simply log on to your account and click “My Listings,” then click on the item you want to edit and click "edit item." and Paypal will notify you once your item has been purchased and payment is posted to your account. We request that you ship your item within 3 days of this notification. Due to our 7 day return policy we also ask that you ship your item to the buyer with a delivery confirmation. There is no fee to list an item; Lolly Daisy collects $1 plus 15 percent of the sale price when all but made to order merchandise is sold. For made to order merchandise, Lolly Daisy collects $1 plus 5 percent of the sale price when the item is sold.

Q: How much does it cost to list an item on

A: There is no fee to list an item on If your item is sold, other than made to order merchandise, Lolly Daisy will collect $1 plus 15 percent of the total sale price (including shipping). For made to order merchandise, Lolly Daisy collects $1 plus 5 percent of the sale price (including shipping) when the item is sold. If your item is not sold, you will not be charged.

Q: How does facilitate my search for items with the name and initials I desire?

A: makes it easy to find apparel and accessories with the name, initials, college or sorority name you desire. We offer user friendly features allowing you to search by name, iniitals, sorority or college name.  You may even refine your search by size, category, color, condition, brand and much more. If you cannot find what you are looking for simply sign up to have Lolly Daisy e-mail you when an item has been listed that matches your search criteria. You may also search for new-custom made items on

Q: Do I need to create an account with to make a purchase?

A: Yes, you will be prompted to create an account when purchasing an item. You will use your account log in to keep track of the items you have purchased, rate sellers, and facilitate future searches on
You will also be prompted to create a PayPal account to make a purchase if you do not already have one.

Q: How are returns handled on

A: Items purchased on are returnable within 7 days of receipt. Sellers are asked to send packages with delivery confirmation to track date of receipt. Once returned item is received by the seller, the seller will issue a refund via Paypal on the sale price of the item. Of the fee collected by Lolly Daisy from the initial sale of the item ($1 plus 15 percent of total sale for non-made to order merchandise, and $1 plus 5 percent for made to order items), the percentage (15 percent or 5 percent, as appropriate) is refunded. If postmark on returned package exceeds 7 days from initial receipt by buyer, seller is not required to issue a refund. is not responsible for disputes in regards to returns. However, textual reviews and numeric ratings can be posted to the corresponding buyer or seller’s profile to reflect satisfaction or discontent.

Q: How do I leave seller feedback?

A: To give a seller a rating log onto your account. Go to “products you have purchased.” There you will see a link to the seller’s profile where you can give a rating score with a message.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: If you have any other questions please feel free to email our customer service department at

Read our listing tips for suggestions on how to create a successful listing!