Listing tips:

  • Accurate and Truthful Descriptions: Please be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of the item you are listing. Please describe in detail any imperfection it may have so consumers know exactly what they are getting and are not disappointed in their purchase. Let the buyer know if the item runs true to size, if the color of the item looks different in the photo and other unique qualities that may not be visible in the picture.
  • Be Descriptive: Use as many keywords as possible in the description field of your listing so it can be found by our search engine in the case of an advanced search. For example, Monogrammed “Noah” Pottery Barn Light Blue Seer Sucker Swim Shorts Size 12 Months. Think about keywords you would use if you were searching for your item.
  • Advertise your item: In the “Describe your item box” give suggestions on how to optimize the use of your item. Include photos to give decorating ideas to go along with a furniture or room décor listing. Describe or post photos to show what accessories and other apparel look good with your clothing listing.
  • Choose the right price: Before posting your item, look on our site to see what other like-items are going for in similar condition. Ask yourself what kind of a mark-down you would expect for such an item that is still in excellent condition but is gently used.
  • Post Clear Photos: Take clear close up photos of your item so buyers can see important details. Submit photos from multiple angles and position the item in front of a white or neutral colored background if possible.
  • Select the Appropriate "Condition" box:

    New: Item is brand new, perfect condition, and has never been used, washed or worn.

    Like New: Item looks new and is in excellent condition. Has been given special care and only been used or worn a few times.

    Gently Used: Looks gently used, but still in good condition.

  • Responsible Selling: Answer consumer questions about your listing quickly and accurately. Ship your item within 3-5 days or sooner. Make sure your items is clean and safely secured in packaging before shipping.
  • Encourage Reviews: Suggest that your buyer leave a review regarding their transaction with you. Review scores are aggregated and shown as percentages. Good reviews build your credibility with other potential buyers.
  • Listing Custom Made-To-Order Items: When posting an item to sell on you may include up to 6 photos with each listing. Show an example of the item you are selling in the first photo. In the subsequent photos you can show variations of this item, such as font, color, fabric, etc. Then in the “Item Description Box” tell the buyer what information you will need from them, such as name/initials, font, color, fabric choice, etc. When the buyer makes a purchase, they can include their specifications in their text box. We suggest you ship your item within 3-5 days after you receive an order. If you will need more time, simply indicate this in the "Item Description Box" as well.