Lolly Daisy…Sweet and Enduring

As a mom of two small children, I’m touched by what a “continuing” inspiration to me they have become in almost every aspect of my life. Their wonder and fascination with life has “renewed” in me a similar appreciation for life’s beautiful things that as an adult, I began taking for granted.

Like many parents, I have purchased monogrammed clothing for my children. I felt having their name or initials on their apparel complimented their unique charm. Personalized items like hanging wall letters, bedding, towels, blankets, bibs, swaddles, backpacks and other items highlighted their individuality. Like many parents I invested in these precious items and marveled at how quickly they were outgrown while remaining in excellent condition.

I wanted to start a website to connect children with matching names and initials, so these precious items with their “enduring” charm could be “renewed” and loved by another child. Rather than hiding them away in the basement to collect dust, another child could purchase them and embrace their “continuing” charm.

In naming the website I wanted to choose something that to me, described the essence behind its creation. Gazing out the window while pondering the website’s name, I began to admire some daisies planted in a nearby garden. These particular daisies were perennials, which by definition means “renewed”, “continuing” and “enduring.” These words resonated with me as they described precisely the items I hoped to sell on the site. I chose the word Daisy to represent that sentiment.

Lolly came to me easily as well. Like many two year olds my little girl had a limited vocabulary and created her own unique words when referring to items that were particularly important to her. She began to call any kind of dessert (which is of obvious importance,) “Lolly”. To this day, it is the word my children use to describe anything sweet.

So, to me, Lolly Daisy means sweet and enduring. I do hope you will find the merchandise on to be exactly that.